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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
So if I'm hearing you correctly, whatever happens from the point of Obama getting the concessions from Congress on, is on him?

I'll bookmark this so in 4 years when (as the CBO, Moody's Analytical, and other organizations) the country has added a record 12-12.3 million jobs, there is a housing boom, the dysfunctional healthcare system is fixed, the GDP has doubled, etc... you can eat a nice helping off hot off the stove crow
I'll bookmark this so in two years when there is a double dip recession and there are massive job losses you can eat crow.

That will never happen though because the Republicans won't let Obama go wild. They got elected too and they have their own mandate to keep taxes low. They are the last defense to stop Obama from destroying this nation.
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