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Default Re: Top Ten Running Backs of the Millennium

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
all time I think you have are comparing 14,000 yards to 7,000

Curtis Martin is in the HOF...if AD retired today, I am not sure he would get in...maybe though, it's possible I guess

You said Adrian Peterson was a Hall of Famer. I swore you did. Not you're hesistant to give him such a title just because you dont want to contradict your argument for Curtis Martin? Who are you kidding?

I would rank Adrian Peterson over Curtis Martin and when you figure out why? You'll better understand why guys like Earl Campbell and Gale Sayers are ranked so highly.

Jerome Bettis has 500yds or so less than Curtis Martin
Jerome Bettier has 1 more TD than Curtis Martin
Therefore you have to rank Jerome Bettis over Adrian Peterson.

Do you agree with this? Same guy who was one of the few in this country that rode blind faith Peterson would return to the NFL before week 1 and be as good as he left. Kudos for that. But I find it hard to believe you rank Martin AND Bettis over Peterson. And yes you never typed Bettis but you have NO CHOICE BUT TOO because your argument would go up in flames.

I saw Curtis Martin and he didnt run like a top 10 RB of all time. Sorry.
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