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Default Re: How Hard Is It To Make 1000 per month playing online poker?

its hard but not hard if you know what your doing and dynamics of poker. first off you need to find a niche on what kind of poker game your good at and stick to it 100 percent. i can get good at any type but specifically i dominate at "double up" sit and goes. 10 people sit down at a table, after 5 people get knocked out everyone wins there buy in times 2. if you stick to tournys, learn how to play tournys and stick to it. all types of games have different styles of play to succeed.

when you start winnning. dont start buying in more expensive games, thats bad bankroll management and thats how good pllayers lose there money. they buy in 5 dollar games and win consistently, then they buy into 20-30 dollar buy ins and they blow there bankroll. general rule of thumb is to buy into .5 percent of your bankroll. so if you have 1000 dollars in yoru poker account, only play 5 dollar buy ins.

also, if you feel a bad streak coming or if your on a bad streak. learn how to step away and take a break.

i recommend dan harringtons poker books. they will teach you how to statistically play, but after you get that you will develop your own style.

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