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Default Re: Top Ten Running Backs of the Millennium

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
SO Bo Jackson > Martin and Bettis too?

he could do things that they couldn't...

you are just ranking primes...not entire careers...Peterson is only 26, he hasn't had a full career yet to top those HOF players

I guess missing the point is your thing huh?

When you look at the top 10 RBs of all time. There is no set criteria. I do not look at the total yards of a persons career and rank accordingly. You obviously do. Memo to you, when you go around lookin at other peoples list some of whom you respect I doubt the criteria would follows yours..."entire career".

There is a reason why guys like Gale Sayers, Earl Campbell are on top 10 lists more than Curtis Martin, Jerome Bettis. If and when you SEE that point? And upon seeing it you actually GET THAT POINT? Then we'll be on the same page.

"But you're not ranking entire careers tho" is what your response will be right?

As far as Bo Jackson I've seen him rank him top 10 or among the top 15. Not saying I agree. Cant recall ever seeing a list with Martin/Bettis ranked high given their CAREERs. I wonder why. Do you know?
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