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Default Re: F Royce White, Rockets at odds with agreement to help with anxiety over flying

The guy is literally filling up my Twitter feed with retweets and making a real point of taking issue with Houston and the way things are going between the franchise and his 'needs'.

I had so much sympathy for the guy just a matter of days ago, but the more he spouts off on Twitter, the less I'm on his side. I don't see him working with the team towards some sort of solution, or if such solution doesn't exist, then a compromise. Instead he's sat there tweeting every hour of every day 'venting'. I also have issue with the fact he's basically coming off as that he has some sort of right to get playing time, that the D-League is beneath him, and that if Houston don't play him, it's because of his anxiety issues and not down to the fact he's missing practices/games and missed a chunk of training camp.

Terrence Jones, Montiejunas were there from the beginning. Jones especially had an impressive pre-season. But now neither are playing much if at all. Which makes it even harder for me to believe that White is being victimized. He needs to take his lumps and earn his playing time like any mid-1st round pick on a team trying to get into the playoffs.

It's such a sad situation though, for all concerned. I'm just disappointed at Royce's approach to everything. From the outside looking in, he's doing himself NO favours.
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