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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
The entire Fields signing was so mind-boggling.

If the rumors are correct (reasonable to assume they are) Fields is only signed as part of an "all in bet" on signing Steve Nash.

Collangelo makes the offer to criple a Knicks bid.

Another example of an "all in - 1 plan only" management strategy that back fired. It cost us a first round draft pick - looking like 4th overall right now to Okla (by way of Houston) to correct the mistake in having no plan B

Again if any of the rumors are remotely correct (reasonable to assume they are) - we could have had KLow and potentially another lower first round pick that might or might not have been Terrence Ross for our pick (Drummond) and perhaps a player like Ed Davis. Even if that pick wasnt Terrence Ross - it doesnt appear that management has brought forward this NBA ready player with significant minutes.

So (1) Miscalculation on the all in strategy on Nash and compounded by (2) miscalculation on draft day.

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