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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
I think his point was a little tongue-in-cheek jab. Still the US was able to win wars and provide mail service, etc. without taxing what the citizens earned. Totally unsustainable in today's world but worth remembering, especially since "government" and "efficiency" are 2 words that don't go hand in hand nowadays.

nah its consistent with a lot of stuff Joe says that aren't very applicable to the current reality, but its the same with some of the stuff Ron Paul says as well. i don't think its tongue n cheek more than what they believe.

there is a lot more infrastructure to upkeep now, a much larger population, way more civil/domestic issues where comparing old times to now isn't realistic. our government isn't efficient and bloated which i think both parties know, but its not like there aren't issues everywhere else as well, like the rich vs poor gap constantly widening.
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