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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Originally Posted by Godzuki
lol are you really going to talk about times when people were riding horses through towns, playign cowboys and indians, and our government or infrastructure was nowhere near what its at today? never mind how much more of a civilized society we are today thanks to government programs and law enforcement to create order from the chaos of earlier civilizations.

i swear you independents always hearken back to some unrealistic stuff to constantly use as examples for us to live by today

Yeah it's the same faulty reasoning some use to justify our antiquated gun laws. 'I need these guns to fight against tyranny' like they're going to gather muskets to join a militia to fight against the King of England and it's the 18th century

Times change and society has to adapt accordingly.

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
No. The way to raise revenue is to get people back to work. Specifically promote policies that are favorable to small business and encourage investment. You can raise taxes to a degree and certainly reform the idiotic code, but that alone won't really solve the problem.

But the President has made it clear that tax reform/increase is just the first step, a necessary step. He laid out his spending reduction plan which included less borrowing, entitlements, etc. The idea is that the House approves the Senate bill that would raise taxes on 2% of the population, the President signs it into law, then the two sides get together to hammer out a spending reduction deal.
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