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Default Re: Texas Petition to Secede Has Enough Signatures to Require White House Response

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
no dude Texans could accept bribes RIGHT NOW if they wanted, you think being a part of the US has prevented them from taking over Texas ? lol

Like all they need is for Texas to secede and they will suddenly be able to flood the state over?

Cartels are pretty much limited to machine guns...they couldn't handle an actual military complete with missiles and such lol

You don't think they do accept bribes already? Clearly you have never been to a bordertown . They would suddenly flood the state if TX seceded? You could bet your house on it. People don't realize how political the cartels are. Hell, they have their own govt under their control (more of an understanding really). If you think Cartels are limited to only machine guns, you seriously are just ignorant. They have missile launchers and shit. Not only that, they don't even have to use these weapons.

If they want you, they have millions of people who they can send at you. Didn't you hear about them taking that dude from reddit when he threatened to give out names of prominent cartel members? It only took them a couple of days to do it. Now, they released him with pressure from the US govt (though there was likely a trade involved). If you guys doubt the power of the cartels because you think it's just "tv garbage," I feel sorry for the small box you live in. My gf is from Mexico city and even though it is one of the safer places in Mexico, I hear about all the shite that goes down there all the time. You guys shouldn't speak on things you don't know about. There's a reason why the cartels aren't even discussed by our government.

Texas would stand no chance unless the US govt still protected them.

edit: btw, just 18 hours ago in El Paso.

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