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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by General
Not true. The reason Obama won is because he promised a lot more things than Romney did just like he stated. Romney's pitch was I'll bring back the America where if you work hard and follow the rules you will be a success story. You won't need government from craddle to grave to be a success. Obama was out there preaching how it's so unfair that the rich don't pay more, we need their money for you to be a success. Free college for everyone, free healthcare, free contraception..

Americans chose free stuff over hard work. It's that simple.

Romney's pitch was that he was going lower tax rates for his buddies..

He made a cynical bet against the intelligence of the public and he lost that bet.

He thought he appeal to nutbag rightwing in primary and then "etch a sketch" his way to the middle in the general, but his lies were too many and vision was too weakly defined

Funny how Romney can be basically running for president since 2007 and yet nobody knows what he really stands for in 2012...still

Republicans are their own worst enemies...

you think Im wrong?

look at this

^this is what Im talking about... "Dozens, DOZENS"

Republicans just now realized that they cant get their greedy little hands on the nation's levers of power while disrespecting wide swaths of the public anymore.

I dont believe GOP will learn its lesson, but its been alot of fun watching their world crumble.

Couldnt have happened to a better group of people
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