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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Godzuki
you listen to Rush Limbaugh don't you? i swear almost everything you said is straight out of a right wing talking point spinners mouth

Actually, no, I think Rush Limbaugh is an asshole and a hypocrite. I could care less what he has to say.

even tho its beating a dead horse you do know where our economy was at when Obama took office? on the verge of a depression, thats know where our economy has been headed recently? Obama graduated from Harvard, spent years in the Senate, what exactly doesn't qualify him to be President? especially when he ran a campaign better than his opponents as well as carried himself much better than Bush or really any Republican running for Prez in recent memory ever has...and i thought Hillary was the Republican target for Bengzhai? she's stepping down you know....

Check the unemployment % when Obama took office, and look now, plus, consider that as bad as it is, it's deceptively low considering how many gave up looking for jobs this summer because of how bad the economy had been for 4 years.

Obama was a US senator from '05-'08, and a good part of that was spent campaigning. That's just ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. He simply didn't have the track record then, and 4 years later, well, he does, but I can't see anyway to call it a good track record.

Obama's handling of Benghazi was disgraceful, both his administration's non-action in private, and his embarrassing public response. Oh, but was a youtube video.

its just laughable to me how so many of you morons keep trying to call the rest of us sheep or idiots

I never insulted anyone because their opinion is different than mine, but if you look, your now the second person to insult me for my opinion.
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