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Default Re: Chubb Rock >> The Notorious BIG

Originally Posted by Go Getter
That white guy in Chappelle's "I Know Black People" skit was pretty well versed.

At any rate, Chubb Rock was the man {The Chubbster, worrrrrrd up/Treat me Right} but better than BIG? This negro (or white guy, lol) is smoking sherm if he believes that.

Actually I forgot to mention that white people who actually grew up in the hood count as black...

I knew a few white guys who lived in West Philly and they would know everything because they obviously lived it...

Couple white dudes I know even became Muslims and go to the mosque... I know some white chicks who sound more black than black chicks and they are not acting when they talk that way...

one lady I know, I like to close my eyes when she talks so I can envision how black she sounds... lol
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