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Default Re: Chubb Rock >> The Notorious BIG

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Actually I forgot to mention that white people who actually grew up in the hood count as black...

I knew a few white guys who lived in West Philly and they would know everything because they obviously lived it...

Couple white dudes I know even became Muslims and go to the mosque... I know some white chicks who sound more black than black chicks and they are not acting when they talk that way...

one lady I know, I like to close my eyes when she talks so I can envision how black she sounds... lol

Yeah there was onewhite guy in my neighborhood and he didn't know he wasn't black i swear he thought he was light-skinned until the 4th grade

He wasn't acting, he was just raised like that....hard to tell (acting or being real) when you don't know the guy personally.

At any rate Kizzle loves and respects black culture (even though sometimes his taste is terrible imo) so I don't care. Chubb Rock Threads are dope.
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