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Default Re: International Posters: Let me learn ya

Few things that come off top my mind.

Eastern Europe, Bulgaria to be exact. We've got 1300 years of history one of the oldest countriest in Europe. People have been living in these lands for the past 7000 years, little state in the EU. We have a bit of everything, access to the Black sea, some mountains to the southwest and four seasons. Agriculture, tourism and IT are direction our economy should be developing. Other that we've got good cuisine and beautiful women. As blablabla noted girls from the Balkans are among the most beautiful in the world Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian. Unfortunately we have severe demographic problems.

Little know facts
Son of Bulgarian immigrants in the US invented the first computer in the world

The bacteria that transforms the regular milk into yogurt is named after Bulgaria

The cyrilic was created in Bulgaria, Russian alphabet is on it
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