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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Droid101
Oh, this lie again?

Comparing unemployment rate fluctuation between President Bush and President Obama.

01/20/2001: 4.2%
01/20/2009: 7.8%
Unemployment Rate Change: 85.71% increase

01/20/2009: 7.8%
Currently: 7.8%
Unemployment Rate Change: 0.00% increase

Comparing unemployment rate fluctuation when their budgets first took place

01/01/2002: 5.7%
12/31/2009: 9.9%
Unemployment Rate Change: 73.68% increase

01/01/2010: 9.9%
Currently: 7.8%
Unemployment Rate Change: 21.21% decrease

GDP performance during the Obama Administration has gone into positive growth.

US stock markets performance during the Obama Administration...
DOW in 01/20/2009: 7,949.09
DOW in 10/08/2012: 13,583.65
Rate of Return: 70.88%

S&P 500 in 01/20/2009: 805.22
S&P 500 in 10/08/2012: 1,455.88
Rate of Return: 80.81%

NASDAQ in 01/20/2009: 1,440.86
NASDAQ in 10/08/2012: 3,112.35
Rate of Return: 116.01%

US stock markets performance since hitting the bottom on March 9th of 2009...
DOW in 03/09/2009: 6,547.05
DOW in 10/08/2012: 13,583.65
Rate of Return: 107.48%

S&P 500 in 03/09/2009: 676.53
S&P 500 in 10/08/2012: 1,455.88
Rate of Return: 115.20%

NASDAQ in 03/09/2009: 1,268.64
NASDAQ in 10/08/2012: 3,112.35
Rate of Return: 145.30%

Beyond all your smoke and mirrors, it's at 7.8% just as it was when he took office, that's terrible. And again, it's deceptively low. Just go out in the real world and ask people how the economy is.

Originally Posted by boozehound
well, first of all, the number of people who are counted in the labor force has been going up fairly significantly during the fall.

As far as the attack on the embassy, how many embassies were attacked under bush? How many americans died during those attacks? As usual, its only important when it is the people you dont agree with. SMFH.

Besides, its hard to argue that obama has done nothing (hes done quite a bit if you bother looking into it), when the GOP controlled house has basically ceded any responsibility for the governance of this country.

Terrorist attacks will happen, you can't prevent them all, but Obama's response was disgraceful. Sickening, actually. That reassured to me that I don't want this man leading the country.

By the way, for all of the criticism Bush takes, when it got really bad, it was his last 2 years when Democrats controlled the Senate and the House, and he couldn't really do anything himself, yet he gets all the blame, but when it's Obama, he gets a pass. I'm not saying I liked Bush, I could list many things I disagreed with him about, but the double standard is hilarious.
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