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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Math2
Bashing latinos? How so?
I don't know if Rasheed is Hispanic, I am though so I'll answer your question.

I was born in Chicago, my parents were immigrants from Mexico. My grandmother was a Texan, actually her lineage is from the original Tejanos, those that became US citizens because the US border crossed them due to the bogus landgrab called the Mexican/American War (probably there before any Anglo too), so we were never in the country illegally but living in a largely latino area, I've come to know many illegal immigrants from many parts of Latin America and they are hard working honest people. Of course there are some bad apples but what demographic doesn't have any?

People come from their homelands to the US to make a better life for their families, they take jobs most Americans don't want, they pay into Social Security without ever expecting to see the benefits, and contrary to popular right wing belief, they don't ask for welfare. You need to show documentation to collect welfare and believe me, illegal immigrants stay clear of government offices for fear of being deported.

The GOP always try to blame illegal immigrants for the country's woes, "They are taking your jobs!" "They are lazy SOBs on welfare!" "They don't assimilate and are turning our country into the third word shit hole they came from!"

This comes from the Right, Democrats don't talk like this, that's why Latinos reject the GOP. The Hispanics who are fortunate enough to be citizens of this great country can be sympathetic to those who aren't, we know they come from a tough situation and calling them criminals won't do the Republicans any good if you want our vote.

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