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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
so no credit for stopping the bleeding?

but I see you dole out the criticism quite freely....

I think the country can do do better than Obama also... The problem is that the Republicans cant find this candidate for some reason.

My problems with Obama lay more in his foreign policy and willingness to be alot like the neo cons who were in office before him.

But when it comes to his economics? He has done about as much as could be expected considering the opposition he faced... Republicans who criticize him make me laugh because they dont have a politician in their party who could have done any better.

If Mitt Romney was their best? That means they have alot of work to do on alot of different levels

I can't give him much credit because it's not good, and hasn't gotten better from where he started, yes, it's better than the low points, but with unemployment still at 7.8%, everyone I know is struggling(and I'm not referring to myself, because my lack of success to this point has very little to do with Obama or Bush), but I mean people who work as hard as anyone, and it's still terrible. I don't think he's treated it with the severity it deserves, and made it as much of the priority as it needs to be.

For the record, I've never registered for one party, and never considered myself a Republican.

wasnt me...

I didn't mean to direct that at you because I never suspected you, and unless I forgot something, you've been civil.
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