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Default Re: Why is the west so much better than the east?

The West is better right now, and that conference seems to be in strong position going forward.

However, the disparity isn't even half what it was for most of this millennium. The East used to have maybe 2 longshot contenders and a huge dropoff after those 2. Right now the Heat are obviously legit, the Celtics are sorta legit but that window is closing, I think the Knicks are legit and have a crazy deep roster, Then you drop off, but the dropoff isn't as big as it used to be. The Bulls are a very legit team, but missing their star...otherwise they're going for the best record in the league a 3rd straight year. Philadelphia is going to be a dangerous team with Bynum. Brooklyn is a good middle of the pack team as will Indiana be.

The West is just loaded right now though.
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