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Default Re: F Royce White, Rockets at odds with agreement to help with anxiety over flying

Look ethier you want to play in the NBA or you don't, ethier do what you need to do to be a pro or don't its really that simple. If you don't want to take flights and still play ball go to a decent club in europe (take a boat there or something) which doesn't play outside the country and take the bus with the rest of the team everywhere.

I love Royce's game but this is getting beyond a joke now, there's literally players out there who work there asses off travel the world to maybe get a chance to play in the nba, they are away from there families sometimes live in crap conditions just to chase a dream and this dude is making demands and has not even stepped onto a nba court i mean seriously. All this is showing is he ain't mentally ready for the nba currently and ethier needs to accept the help being offered to him by the rockets or simply piss off and do something else. The rockets from what i have seen have been beyond good to him, giving him time but there a far more important thing for them to be doing than worrying if a employee is even gonna show up to work.
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