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Default Re: Invest in 401K or pass it up and keep entire pay?

Social Security is the textbook definition of a Ponzi Scheme, except it's actually worse than a Ponzi Scheme, because at least people pay into those voluntarily.

Within 15-20 years, Social Security checks will either:

-Not be given at all
-Not pay as much as they do today
-Be the same amount of money, but due to inflation they'll actually be much smaller.

Like all Ponzi Schemes, eventually SS will fall apart. There is no money in the social security "trust fund," the government spent it all. You need to plan for your retirement separately from SS, don't rely on it.

And by the way, I'm not anything close to a financial adviser, so you best do your own research and don't strictly rely on what I say, or what any random person online says!
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