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Default Re: Your First T-Mac Update From China (17/8/6 + Vintage Dunk)

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
Impressive dunk, but it shows a lack of awareness and understanding on his part if he intends to just "dunk his critics to death".

He's at the age where his game shouldn't be so athleticism-based anymore. It's nice to show flashes once in a while, but he's risking further injury and deterioration if keeps trying to play like his younger self.

Time to focus on those other skills and his basketball IQ which has been underrated all of his career.

There were other quotes where he talked about techinical aspects of the game, but I just pulled that one and came up with that line about dunking his critics to death because it fit with the video and went along with what he said about the dunk. I wasn't being 100% serious with that one.
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