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Default Re: Boston Celtics (5-3) vs Brooklyn Nets (4-2) 8:00 EST TNT

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
Your statement implied there was not good to be taken away if your BK. There was plenty of good to be taken away.

And actually it does tell me something about Boston.. that I knew. They need a back up PG badly. If Rondo is out of the game either resting or injured they are exploitable. That is not good.
I liked things. I'm talking purely Boston vs. Brooklyn. I don't think Boston played hard for a lot of the game, and they had no Rondo. It's like the Knicks beating Miami. The first game, i really was happy. ANd it was a huge step in the right direction. But it didn't make me feel they could beat them in a series.

It's all about steps, I don't see yet where Brooklyn made steps to knock off Boston when they barely beat them and Boston was more undermanned than they were.
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