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Default Re: Heat need a decent center bad

Originally Posted by InfiniteBaskets
The problem with Joel is that he's awful at rebounding, which goes hand in hand with defense. Miami could use a decent center, but there are none willing to play for the minimum. They're going to have a good enough team to get into the playoffs and then just ride it out until the playoffs and see how far LeBron can take them.

There you go. If he was a bad rebounder (rough) but didn't suck so hard at catching the ball when wide open, he would be starting. If he was just as bad (and even a little worse) on offense, but could give you a rebound every 3 min, he'd be starting. It's hard to be a defensive specialist at C, who rebounds less than the SF even when the SF isn't Lebron.

You guys should really give Harrellson a start and I'll tell you why. He's a decent shot-blocker, tho he isn't a true rim protector. He isn't an anchor. But he's a great post defender and he is terrific at contesting shots and doing so without fouling (like ever). He's also a solid rebounder.

Chris Bosh works at C, for offense. Just like KG. Because he ends up a stretch 5 or, more accurately, his old self at PF. It forces him to get in the low post and be recognized by the team. It also clears the lane and compensates for him not running the floor. He's also a trailer on the run. Harrellson is not gonna clog the lane on offense, as he'll end up on the perimeter a lot and also setting a lot of screens and working hard, doing the little things that would greatly benefit Miami. Chris Bosh doesn't work on defense. He's a shot-blocker under the rim but he's not a rim-protector and his rotations are not good enough. Give Harrellson a shot.

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