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Default Re: first team to beat the legendary knicks

We'll probably lose tonight and it won't kill me, because we just beat San Antonio in San Antonio, to stay undefeated. And it's a b2b.

It's also not so terrible because I imagine that Randolph and Gasol will go for 25-30 boards. Melo did a great job last night. But one thing about our streak is that we haven't had to go up against great PF's yet. With the exception of Battier, who doesn't even try to play PF, they've been all been solid players, but they're not killing the boards. Duncan was doing it yesterday at C, but we had Chandler also getting boards.

What I'm saying is it might not be the worst thing to get killed on the boards tonights. It's something we'll have to address because it will be an issue this season.
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