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Default Re: D Antoni: One of the least efficient plays in basketball is just the straight post-up

Originally Posted by Clutch
He did that with the Knicks too. Instead of adjusting to the team he made the Knicks players adjust to his system.
He tried to make Toney Douglas and Melo a point guard.

they did pretty well from what i remember early on without much talent. i just remember them hanging in their with some good teams and a lot of OT games running and gunning with no depth.

to me he just never had the personnel he needed in NY. Lin's handle and quickness sucked altho he had decent vision, but any 2 man defense on him and he's stopped and trapped. Amare and Melo were missing every shot they took. and don't get me started on Amare's switches where it wasn't really D Antoni's fault more than Amare's stupidity. i think he got a bad rap in NY personally but whatever.
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