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Default Re: D Antoni: One of the least efficient plays in basketball is just the straight post-up

Why are people so upset that the Lakers are going to run pick and rolls?
1) the triangle was usually initiated with a pick and roll. if it wasnt there, then the ball was thrown into the post and the triangle picked up.
2) gasol is a great high pick n roll player as is dwight. Nash along with MD's offense will make them even better at that. Kobe is a basketball player. Throw him in any offense and he'll give you results
3) Dwight howards is the 3x defensive player of the year. COuld have been 4x if it wasnt for his back injury and disdain for orlando at the time. Yes, hes coming off back surgery, but i have no doubt he will still be a force on the defensive end come play off time.

Everyone's really nitpicking at small details and not looking at the big picture.
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