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Default Re: D Antoni: One of the least efficient plays in basketball is just the straight post-up

Originally Posted by MightyWhitey
Something no one mentioned thus far is that in a D'Antoni system there is no defense. One more time so everyone understands. In a D'Antoni system THERE IS NO DEFENSE!!!

The Lakers are done for. Dwight and Kobe are going to get rid of this coach. Mark my words. Dwight will never again win defensive player of the year now that pringles squirmed back into the NBA. I want Laker fans to know the absolute ridicule the Knicks went through for years because of D'Antoni and his failed system. You will go through this exact ridicule now.

what if you're wrong? what are most of you going to eat? i guess since the expectations are championship or bust, its likely D Antoni will fail but it is annoying how everyone thinks so much inside a box like nothing out of it can be successful

PS D Antoni made a great point about San Antonio in the article. its just silly to me how people think his system can't win in this league when its been a top 5 team system consecutive years.
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