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Default Re: Rudy Gay vs. Luol Deng

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Deng is still the better player. Gay may have more upside, but he hasn't put it together and been better than Deng yet.

Deng is also a pretty talented guy. He does a bit of everything. He can shoot, is a solid scorer and knows how to work with his offense. He's not Pippen, but he does a lot of little things, is a very good rebounder and one of the best defenders in the league.

Gay is a scorer. He's really a 2guard who has no handles. He's a good shooter from midrange and is has athleticism. But his game is not very refined and, while he has some skills, I never have the impression that he's worked on anything. And in this offense, there's no doubt that he isn't as valuable as Deng.

Come to think of it, would be a good trade...assuming Gay could play with Rose when Rose comes maybe not.

If you compare Gay's handles to Deng's. He's like a prime Rod Strickland.....
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