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Default Re: D Antoni: One of the least efficient plays in basketball is just the straight post-up

Originally Posted by Carbine
No it's not.

It's virtually going to be the same thing he did in Orlando, except he probably will get even less post touches. We all see how that worked for him offensively, it wasn't the best system for him at all to thrive.

He is always going to roll to the hoop. If you don't make him the screener on the ball, he's rendered pretty much useless and just going to clog things up because he can't shoot. w

With that said, if the team had proper pieces around Dwight, it would still be an effective TEAM offense because Dwight demands a lot of attention on his rolls to the basket, but the Lakers do not have the right players to run that system at it's highest.

The Lakers, simply put, do not have a team that's suited for pick and roll basketball. Pau is not a 3 point shooter, he's not able to attack the basket off of a sagging defender because said defender will close out with a focus of making Pau shoot a long jumper - that's exactly the type of shot you want Pau taking if you're the opposing team.

Artest is not a good fit. Kobe is at his best from a triple threat, there isn't anyone better at it....but that is not conducive to "flow" basketball when Nash pitches it out to Kobe off the pick and roll.

They are big. That's their advantage. They have two of the best low post players in the league. Why would you want to play fast and run pick and rolls when you have those two? Does anyone really think playing fast will benefit them playing the Nuggets, Heat, OKC or any other young, explosive teams?

The focus should be on slowing the game down, banging it down low, executing in the half court and making life miserable for the other team on defense.

Here's an excellent pickn'roll play the Lakers could run that would put everyone at their strengths. 0s

There are plenty of pickn'roll options that doesn't require Pau to be a 3pt shooter, he's the best passing big man in the league.
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