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Default Re: Rudy Gay vs. Luol Deng

Originally Posted by tikay0
If you compare Gay's handles to Deng's. He's like a prime Rod Strickland.....

Maybe, but Deng doesn't dribble. Gay loves to dribble enough to show us how much he wishes he could dribble so that he could play SG.

BTW, Rod Strickland was an odd choice...he always looked like he didn't know how to dribble.

Originally Posted by kshutts1
Gay is a better fit for the Bulls, as he's a better scorer/shooter than Deng, and the Bulls definitely need additional scoring.

As for the Grizzlies, they are short on 3point shooting as it is, so they'd also lose out in the trade.

If both teams would do better with the same player, typically that player is better... but I think Deng is the better third + option, while Gay is the better second option.

Gay is not any better a shooter than Deng.
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