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Default Re: How did the Clippers lose to the likes of Warriors and Cavs at home when...

No one is saying Billups will be that finals MVP when he comes back. Chauncey is one of the smartest player in the league and never had to rely on athleticism. An Achilles injury would be devastating if Chauncey was an athletic beast. And he's not gonna suddenly forget how to play defense. Look at these great defenders late in their careers: Grant Hill, MWP, Bruce Bowen, etc. Hill was plagued with injuries and lost his athletism but he's a better defensive player at his old age than he was before his Orlando days. MWP is not athletic at all but he's still one of the best defenders in the league. Bruce Bowen was one of the best defensive players in the league in his final season in the league.

Again, Chauncey will not be the old Chauncey but he'll still be good enough to play 30 mins if he has to, will still be a great shooter, will still be a good defensive player, will still be able to run plays when Paul is on the bench, will still hit the big shots, will still be a leader. I can go on and on. The Clippers already are dominating and beating top level teams convincingly. Everyone is talking about "teams still need time to mesh and get their chemistry together." well guess what? So are the Clippers. So not only the Clippers are waiting on 2 major rotation players to come back, they are still working on their chemistry. When Hill and Billups are back, that makes the Clippers that much more dangerous.

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