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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Israelis have to defend themselves from rockets flying at them and absolutely in the short term the only way to do that is to eliminate the sources of them.

But whenever there are lulls in fighting, less rocket attacks, they do themselves absolutely no favors. The settlers are indefensible and so is the embrace of the status quo. As long as a solution is not found, more and more territory is occupied by settlers. They are relatively thinning out the population of Israeli Jews and increasing their land while Palestinian population increases in a smaller space. The result of this is pretty obvious the "security" issue is going to be more and more important and the "security" party is going to be elected.

The Palestinians in the West Bank have been remarkably calm the past couple years despite some nasty incidents with aggressive settlers. Likud guys always will offer talks with Fatah at the height of a cycle of violence with Hamas when they know that Abbas has his hands tied politically, you can't look like an Israeli lapdog while the Gaza strip is getting bombed. In times of (relative) stability when Fatah wants to move things along, Likud says "they're not serious they didn't even want to talk earlier." The right wing doesn't want a partner to negotiate with. I honestly think Bibi's dream scenario is to make the (relatively) moderate Palestinians so unpopular that the Palestinians start killing eachother again in the West Bank.

To sum up my stance:

The creation of Israel was a big mistake.
That said it exists and it should be able to defend itself when rockets come at it.
It will always be getting bombed until they get serious about peace and making life livable for Palestinians.
They can whine all they want about the world's public opinion, I will have no sympathy for that until they crackdown on their religious nuts and settlers.

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