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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
oh, i respect Phil as much as anyone. i watched him destroying my Jazz 97 and 98. i loved the Shaq/Kobe years and i enjoyed the last two rings. that being said, i didnt like what i heard about Phils demands from the start. now i transfer myself into Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchek to answer your question:

there is a natural hierarchy, i am the boss and you as a coach report to me. and you cant come in and negotiate that. i would never let that happen. (and why should Jim Buss do? he maybe an idiot but he is the boss, if you like it or not.)

a simple NO to the nonsense with coaching only RS home games. if you cant do the travelling anymore, you are too old for the NBA. there is no chance i pay you that much money sitting at home while the team is on an 8 game road trip. thats where teams bond, where you see how they work away from home. Phil himself said so in one of the championship DVDs.

10-12 Mio dollars is a lot of money. plus he wanted Shaw and/or most of his old aasistants back. paying them and paying MB and his assistants, is a boatload of money. needs to be considered.

back into myself:
for me those are big arguments against PJax, without talking baskteball systems and players. would i have hired D'Antoni? No way. I would not be in this situation because i would have hired Rick Adleman last year. ;) think about having Adleman, Howard and CP3? could have been.

Jim Buss and Mitch have to deal with the reality they created by hiring MB and now Dantoni. i think they made the wrong choice both times, but thats their faults and not Dantonis, so i will keep my feelings against him in me and watch what he can do with this roster.

That's a good post. Myself I'm fine with Mike D'Antoni other than his name is a pain to type out on a phone. It's time to go another direction. Phil Jackson wouldn't have gone more than a season maybe two and you're back to square one looking for another hire. who know's who's available next time around. D'Antoni will provide long term stability at the hardest position to fill on an NBA staff if everything works out. No matter how successful the team might have become with Jackson that never would have happened.
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