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Default Re:, should it be illegal?

I am always in favor of folks being knowledgeable about their online presence and being wise enough to never throw nude pictures out there on the internet, whether you feel it's private or not. That said, I still do not believe having their photos stolen and posted alongside personal information should be legal.

I decided to do a little bit of reading and in at least one instance (and I'm guessing tons and tons more) a woman had uploaded photos to a private album on Photobucket five years ago to send to her boyfriend (because she felt it'd be easier than emailing them). After those five years passed and she'd somehow forgotten she even uploaded them, her parents were called by a random stranger (a supposedly good samaritan), notifying them that her pictures had been uploaded and linked to her Facebook page and Google +.

I don't know a ton about computers, but it seems relatively easy for folks to bypass any sort of password situation on Photobucket. It seems to be a crappy situation all around. Yes, they should have never put photos of themselves like that online in the first place, but I don't think it means they deserve this.

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