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Default Re: LeBron Leaves Fan Hanging

Originally Posted by TheFan
wow... Robinson... just wow, I always thought of him as nice guy... that was a bitch move...
I would not do that and i have the right to pull that crap on so many people that have screwed me.

does somebody here knows the history between these two? do they hate each other?
I posted it light heartedly. I've never seriously considered Robinson did it intentionally. He was legitimately giddy and smiling the entire time.

Yes, Phil Jackson made a comment about the '99 Spurs championship deserving as asterisk, but Robinson would not have cared enough about such a comment to go out of his way to leave Jackson hanging on national television in the all-star game while laughing, smiling and enjoying himself. He was merely looking down the line and didn't notice Jackson offer his hand. I'd put the chances of Robinson intentionally skipping Jackson at 0.00000001%.

I still find it hilarious though.

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