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Originally Posted by Darren Elkins
The last street fight I got into was a bar fight. I don't really go out to bars anymore. Anyway, there was this guy, and he was trying to fight one of my buddies. They ended up having some words. I think they pushed each other, and got kicked out of the bar. We were with a group of people. My wife and all her friends were there.

After we got kicked out, we went to another bar. When we got there, this same guy ended up there and was hitting on my wife and calling her all kinds of names right in front of me, all because she told him she was married. I told him, 'Hey man, you need to get out of here now.' As soon as I saw that he ended up in the same place we did, again, I knew there was going to be trouble. I told him that, and he walked away.

About ten minutes later, I go to the bathroom, and as I'm peeing, the guy sucker punches me. He like runs up and punches me in my face. This happened mid-pee. I was unzipped and everything. I finished up, zipped up, and took another punch in the process. After I zipped up, well, let's just say I beat him up. I pushed him up against the bathroom stall, I hit him with a couple right hands, I kneed him and pretty much stomped his ass.

As I'm punching him in the face, the guy says, 'I'm done.' I'm like, 'What about when I was pissing? Where did these rules come in? What about the rules that you don't f*cking punch somebody when they're at the urinal peeing?' He's like 'I'm done! I'm done!' like that was going to stop me from giving him one more. Now he has rules? No way. I didn't hurt him permanently or anything, I just taught him a lesson about sucker punching people at a urinal. Hopefully that's my last street fight. It was definitely an awkward situation.
Originally Posted by Decado
The true moral of this story is "Don't punch Darren Elkins while he's touching his p---s."
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