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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I mean the officiating was horrendous but I didnt bother mentioning it. I figured everyone already knew that lol The calls were petty. I never liked Ed Malloy. Hes like Joey Crawfords protege. They make the game about themselves. Ole Ace Ventura lookin dude.The ****ery began with that make up offensive foul call on Melo after Zach got one on the previous play.

Im with bluechox. I know all of us are disappointed with Amare but he still has allstar quality skills. We need more guys that force the defense to guard them. Sheed showed us a flash of it. Not sure why he got benched down the stretch. Teams are starting to cheat of their man to help out on Melo. Guys need to step up n keep them honest. Say what you will about Amare. You just cant leave him open like they leave Chandler open.
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