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Default Re: Kobe practices his handles....

Originally Posted by eliteballer you even know what polarizing means. Saying a guy is polarizing doesn't mean everything revolves around him. In this case it just affects his mvp votes. Steve Blake can be polarizing if there are large numbers of people who hate or love him.

Of course. And Lebron James isn't polarizing?

Yet he is able to win. You know why? Because hes actually as good as hyped up.

You can go through Kobe's whole career, and you realize, the MVP he got, is the only one he actually deserves. So I don't know why there is all this complaining and new excuses coming up. One guy used "MVP is subjective"...
Really? That's what they're coming up with these days? Any award given in the NBA is subjective, doesn't take away the fact that the regular season MVP, just like in 99% of sports is the most prestigious award you can receive.
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