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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Why hate on Maryland? Their football team is going through serious injury problems. They're down to their 5th string QB. Average basketball? WTF? They won the NC more recently than any Big 10 team. They have a nice, young team that had a really close game with #3 UK. The Big 10 would be getting a nice basketball team and a football team that might be able to turn it around.

Because they're probably the fifth best team in the ACC this year? And I'm not completely sold on Turgeon either. Maybe if Gary Williams were still the coach and 20 years younger. They will fall further back when Cuse and ND arrives. Probably the same with Pitt. Even if Maryland leaves, the new ACC will still be on top of the college basketball world. In the Big 10, they are behind OSU, Michigan, Indiana, MSU, and Wisconsin. Perhaps more. Their recruiting class next year doesn't look so great. He had a real chance to make a statement with the Harrison twins and whiffed. Although it's near impossible to beat UK in recruiting right now.

Football injuries mean little in the ACC in the grand scheme of things. I say this as an ACC supporter my entire life, our above average teams are below average in the SEC, Big 10, and Big 12. Just the way it is right now in the conference.

If they want to leave? Good riddance. They provide little to the ACC right now anyway. I wish they would take Wake Forest and Boston College with them.
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