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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Because they're probably the fifth best team in the ACC this year?

Maybe, maybe not. The thing is it's a really young team. A lot of the Fr. and So. get playing time (7 of the 9 players who get at least double digits minutes are Fr or So). It has potential to be really good.

And I'm not completely sold on Turgeon either. Maybe if Gary Williams were still the coach and 20 years younger.

Turgeon is recruiting. #14 class last year. One of the top PGs for next year. Gary Williams was too old school. He didn't want to jump through hoops for recruits. You have to take into consideration of a new coach and that we lost our best player early 2 years in a row (Williams and Stoglin). Things look to be in the right direction.

Football injuries mean little in the ACC in the grand scheme of things.

They're down to using an effing Freshman LB as a QB. Not saying they'd be world beaters without the injuries, but injuries do matter.

If they want to leave? Good riddance. They provide little to the ACC right now anyway.

Basketball... They were right behind UNC and Duke for a long time. But then it slowed down in Williams' later years (but Duke and UNC had their down years, as well). The conference is mediocre in football anyways. The Big 10 could use some more positives with OSU and PSU dragging the conference through the mud over the past couple years. I really don't see why you're hating on Maryland.

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