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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

I heard Stoglin leaving was a good thing and since when did Roddy Peters become one of the top PGs in his class? He's good, but not out of the usual of your typical Maryland recruit.

And injures matter in terms of this ACC season. But even with a healthy team they would remain in the back of one of the major conferences for football. That was my main point.

I'm not hating on Maryland. I'm just saying they add very little to the Big 10. Their football is going to be low-end, while the basketball (means little in realignment anyway) will be a middle of the pack, occasional top 3-5 team.

They're also #58 in the US News college rankings. Puts them behind OSU, Illinois, PSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwestern. They fit in academically, I'm not denying that, but again just adding to the median.

All I'm saying is Maryland adds very little to the conference in academics, sports, and tv markets. It just seems so random and a lateral move. Which isn't a good enough reason to poach them, imo.
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