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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
I heard Stoglin leaving was a good thing and since when did Roddy Peters become one of the top PGs in his class? He's good, but not out of the usual of your typical Maryland recruit.

#42 overall and #9 PG according to Rivals. Not that those things mean a lot to me (we've had much more luck with the 3 stars than the higher ones).

I'm not hating on Maryland. I'm just saying they add very little to the Big 10. Their football is going to be low-end, while the basketball (means little in realignment anyway) will be a middle of the pack, occasional top 3-5 team.

You are hating. You act like you can predict the future. Nothing but negative things to say about the basketball program which is odd. Both of the coaches for basketball and football are still pretty new. Give them some time instead of completely writing them off. Both of the football and basketball teams were doing really well in the early 2000s. It's a good recruiting area (though maybe moreso for basketball) and there's good potential (again, moreso for basketball). Maybe the football team will stay mediocre, but they're getting a good basketball program. The women's bball team has been very good, but yeah, nobody cares about that.

All I'm saying is Maryland adds very little to the conference in academics, sports, and tv markets. It just seems so random and a lateral move. Which isn't a good enough reason to poach them, imo.

DC is a top 10 TV market. Baltimore is top 25. Good recruiting area. Quality program that doesn't get into trouble like other Big 10 teams. Good at other sports. What big time football programs are out there that they could add? If they could, there would be talk about them, but it's about Rutgers and Maryland.
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