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Default Re: Kobe practices his handles....

Originally Posted by Heavincent
Good one.

People on ISH are always bitching about Kobe's all defensive team awards, but how are those awards any less credible than the MVP? It's voted on by the media, isn't it?

MVP just doesn't mean that much to me. It doesn't determine who the best player in the league is. If it did, Kobe and Shaq would have more than 1 each. Sure, they get it right sometimes, but they've also gotten wrong more than a few times.

Its debatable at times, but in Kobe's case, he doesn't have a debatable case outside of the one he actually won.

The criteria has always stayed the same for MVP. You not valuing MVP's much? Sure. Its because you're a Kobe fan. MVP tells you a guy was dominating in his era. You're lying anyway. Like any fan, everyone comes in with champion and MVP predictions. You know why? Its what the fans care about. People don't come in with DPOY predictions, or Finals MVP, its the MVP everyone cares about. It places you above your peers. You were the most impactful and valuable piece in the NBA over a whole season.
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