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Default Re: We need some Sunday Morning Church up in here again.

Originally Posted by IcanzIIravor
Why do you feel lost? Are you turning to the gospel because you are a true believer or turning to it for inspiration to turn your life around? It is full of drama and conspiracy so I am not surprised it has drawn you in.

I like to think The Gospel and The Scriptures are two different things.

The Gospel (The good news) isn't always spread or received because it's written in a book, it can often spread through word of mouth, personal experiences, and eye-witness testimonies.

I'll give you three names:

Earthquake Kelly
Howard Storm
Angie Fenimore

They didn't spread The Gospel by picking up a book and reading it, They spread the Gospel by sharing their personal experiences.

Yes, the Bible is very complicated, filled with contradictions, and I seriously doubt that everything written in it is true.... But, maybe That Book isn't necessarily meant to be read in it's entirety... maybe parts of it apply more to one person while other parts apply better to somebody else. I mean, don't most Christians have a favorite passage?

Either way, I don't read my Bible daily, but I do carry one with me in my car and read random passages from time to time... I do however make it a point to pray regularly, and when I do pray, I try to focus on praying for others rather than myself (lately that hasn't been the case).

As for feeling lost... That's just another way of saying I struggle with sin.
If a Christian ever tells you he doesn't struggle with sin, he's mistaken. We all struggle with sin with or without Jesus.
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