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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by joe
But this isn't happening through free market capitalism, it's happening through government channels.
lol how incredible ridiculous and dumb.
This is you:


Other rich people who make all of their money through stocks are only taxed at about 12%. That's what Warren Buffet was referring to with his whole "I pay lower taxes than my secretary" bit. But in fact that's very misleading. Warren Buffet may only pay 12% on his dividends, but the corporation that pays his dividends was already taxed once, shrinking the amount of money he is able to earn from them. If they are taxed at 35%, you can really just consider that a 35% tax on Warren Buffet's dividends. Warren Buffet isn't being directly taxed, but the corporations pass those taxes on down to stockholders.
So by your incredibly dumb example, if i work for that corporation, i'm really being taxed 25%+35%, still more than Warren Buffet, because i would had a high salary if my employer wouldn't had already being taxed!

You do realize that Warren Buffet and the corporation he is getting dividends are two separate entities, and there's no rational explanation, other than stupidity, to lump them together?

Warren Buffet is dumb, you're smart. I wonder why it's you that are posting on Ish and not him.

Why do we want to do this to rich business people? These are people that create jobs, provide services, truly add value to society... and we punish them by taking half of their money. Forget how the rich person feels about this, why should even the POOR feel good about this? It's not to our advantage to treat rich people like this, just from a practical standpoint.
Reading this i can only wonder how did humanity survived before the "rich people" started to gobbling up all the money? I really don't understand... are you telling me that instead of working for the minimal wage, people had their own businesses? Nuts!

Investment? What investment? Money is going all to to off-shore accounts, investments have been hitting all time lows in every developed country.

You're so out of touch of reality it isn't funny, and the fact that you keep coming we your backwards rhetoric after being present already with so many facts and data, is a testament to your intelligence.

The only thing you get right is that lower taxes are better, but that even a kindergarten kid could be able to figure it out.

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