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Default Re: Bynum screwed up his knees by bowling

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Um, in case you haven't heard, Philly fans have sort of a national reputation for nastiness.

When you boo Santa Claus and cheer when Michael Irvin can't get up after a hit, it makes you kind of notorious.

Its going to get ugly -- fast -- when Bynum's next "setback" puts him out for the year. He's only interesting in picking up paychecks, nothing more.

Oh really thanks for telling me i've never heard about our bad reputation before. "booing santa" yeah nice try too bad that happened in 1968. Here in philly we care about our sports when our players aren't playing up to they're hype we let them know. I don't feel any remorse for a millionaire getting booed after all we're paying their salary if they can't handle it the gtfo(T.O,Iggy,scott rolen,jayson werth). I also forgot philly fans are the only ones that do this type of shit. how about the yankees fans spitting and throwing things at cliff lee's wife during the world series? or dodger fans beating a giants fan into a coma. the media loves to blow anything that happens in philly out of proportion. If they start booing andrew bynum so be it that's what he gets for going bowling when he knees are already ****ed up.
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