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Default Re: Why is loot banned?

Originally Posted by OneWay
That's a phucking old picture and you need some serious work on your photoshop skills..excuse me, paint skills.

So you look the same but older? What's your point fanboy?

And what's your point? You want your buddy Loot back? No wonder, insecure losers stick together.

I'd read 1,000 of his posts before 1 of yours. As would most of the good posters here.

And I'm not one bit suprised that you had a shirtless picture of Beckham on your hard drive, not suprised one bit.

It's not on my harddrive, I don't own a computer in Korea. I repeatedly snatch it from the ISH Family Photo album thread I created in the Off Topic forum. It has been uploaded to tinypic numerous times, so who knows who has it on their hard drive. haha
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