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Default Re: Why is loot banned?

Originally Posted by Seņor Cedric
So you look the same but older? What's your point fanboy?

Nothing, dorky. Just saying that it's an old picture. No point.

I'd read 1,000 of his posts before 1 of yours. As would most of the good posters here.

The mistake there is that you consider yourself a god poster.
You're not.
You're good for a laugh or two, occasionaly, just like your buddy but other than that, you suck.

And that's been said by many good posters here, wizzle..

So, one mistake you made was putting yourself in the same sentance with good posters here. 2nd mistake was you thinking that you know what good posters around here think about other posters.
You don't. Read the "rate me" thread.
Things will get a bit more clear to ya.

It's not on my harddrive, I don't own a computer in Korea. I repeatedly snatch it from the ISH Family Photo album thread I created in the Off Topic forum. It has been uploaded to tinypic numerous times, so who knows who has it on their hard drive. haha

But since you used it in your photoshop..excuse me, paint was on your hard drive, right?
I mean, for you to make that kinda picture, you needed to save the shirtless picture of Beckham to the HD, right? Riiiight.

You can say whatever the hell you want about anyone here but I doubt we save pictures of shirtless men to our HD. do.

Who knows, Senor Selleck, maybe you have some affections deep inside of yourself that you never knew about before you started questioning yourself.
Well, start questioning yourself dude. I'd be deeply concerned if I were you.
Not that anything's wrong with that, of course.

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