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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Mr Clutch Melo
I dont understand why Chelsea are so inpatient with Lukaku. Dont buy Falcao in january and see how Lukaku devolops throughout the season.

Di Matteo should play Sturrigde as striker, although he is the biggest ballhog I have ever seen besides Queresma.
Sturridge has no right foot but he should start ahead of Torres. Also Lukaku should have been allowed to compete for the starting job vs Torres this year.

Torres only plays because of politics. Ancellotti, Villas-Boas and now Di Matteo don't want to play him but they are forced to to try to save face for Roman and also because of his enormously stupid contract.

Torres is the main reason Ancellotti got fired. His path of destruction is already too huge.

Lukaku hmmm, ok he has good composure, good in the air and two footed, he has heavy touch sometimes but Torres is way worse these days.

Yeh I'd be happy with him as number 1, but no one at the club was ballsy enough to gamble on the chance that he would be able to lead the line of such a huge club at 20 years old, still though HE'S NEVER BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE.

Now at Westbrom Shane Long has been a beast so he doesn't even start there. If I were him I'd be pissed and wish I had gone to Ajax or something, I really hope his early years don't get wasted, Lukaku is a tank, he just needs to get a higher work rate on the field and improve technique abit. Loads of times he looks lazy Berbatov style but he gets goals.

Dunno why Chelsea bothers paying so much for him if they don't even plan on giving him a chance, I'm with you, I don't understand Chelsea's transfer policy either.

Also Essien shouldn't have been allowed to leave, Romeu got hype early in his england career but he kind of sucks. Mikel and Ramires are a brilliant first choice midfield but it would be good to have a third guy competing with them. Oscar in the future could play that deep one day.

Torres atleast has really good link up play, I think that's the only reason he's starting ahead of Sturridge now.
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