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Default Re: Why is loot banned?

Originally Posted by OneWay
You still not gonna explain me how that shirtless pic of Beckham got on your HD?

Pretty simple math homophobe.

I made a MS paint thread, wanted to put you in an embarrasing situation, so I searched for a Beckham pic on google, and on the 2nd or 3rd page, what came up? Shirtless Beckham! I had a pic of you in your lounge (living room) open in paint, right clicked the beckham pic, and chose "copy", I then made a space in your pic where I could edit the Beckham pic to fit into your picture.

So I never saved the pic, it lives on ISH and tinypic. Why would I save a pic to my hard drive? It's full of kiddy porn already, I have no room for gay pics.... that's disgusting
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